About Drama Train

Our Story

Drama Train is an unincorporated association delivering interactive and engaging workshops to both children and senior people in Wood Green, Haringey.
Since June 2016 we have been running popular story-telling, art and drama workshops for children aged 4-10 at Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green. In 2016 we were given UnLtd award for social entrepreneurs to launch these workshops.
Since November 2017 in cooperation with Community Hub in Wood Green we started delivering engaging and interactive workshops to senior people, some of them suffering from dementia. 

Drama Train at Big Green Bookshop

Where else to explore the beauty of children’s literature than in the midst of the books in Big Green Bookshop!! Our workshops combine reading books, talking about stories and characters, making props, scenes, dancing, singing and staging a short improvised show at the end of each workshop. 

Drama Train at The Community Hub Haringey

Community Hub is a lovely, peaceful and welcoming place hidden behind Wood Green Library. Every Wednesday senior people meet there for tea, games, exercise and now also for our interactive workshops. Together we play with objects, sounds, colours, movements, we try various arts techniques. It is an enjoyable and fun way to engage with other people. Come along and join us every other Wednesday at the Community Hub.

Our Team

  Ivona Klemensova

Ivona has 10 years of combined experience as a primary and secondary school teacher, drama and art classes’ facilitator both abroad and in the UK (including organisations such as Haringey Shed, Jacksons Lane, Open City, Czech School without Borders, London). She is passionate about theatre and promoting art and creativity within local communities. She enjoys providing children and senior people with opportunities to develop their skills and potential, open up their creativity and imagination, in turn building their confidence and social skills.

Adela Herbsova

Adela is a language teacher and she has many years of experience in various fields, for example pantomime, street dance, singing, juggling, yoga, clowning, acrobatics...but her life love is theatre. She used to act and teach drama at Arts Schools. Her passion is based on creativity, movement and sound.